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05 April 2009 @ 12:49 pm

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17 January 2009 @ 02:43 pm

tegoshi looks like a girlll

17 January 2009 @ 02:33 pm
translated by me =)

Ryochan entry (15.1.09)
hello everyone
its ryo yo
a bit too relaxed
today i went out with Sho chan
currently starving
see you next week

--------------------------------------------just a random pic.... feel like postin it =D

17 January 2009 @ 02:13 pm
didnt come here for a long time now so page is not as updated... i still translate week by week @ crunchyroll.com, so im reli behind here... jus gotta copy and paste the ones tht ive translated there n abandoned here for so long....

so theres still 7/8 pages to copy from... haaa and
please leave a comment ne!~~ 


10.10.08 Pi-chan's entry

PM 8:05

Good evening everyone!
Last night I had Okinawa soba with Jin.
I was gonna sleep after watching a movie but then I fell asleep half way through watching it! (laugh)
I've got to work starting this morning.

I had udon and rice for lunch today, the so-called udon-rice!
Just like that! <== (like the phrase said in code blue)



11.10.08 Pi-chan's entry

Good evening everyone!

I had curry at home today!
And ramen as well! (laugh)
I have been addicted to noodles like ramen recently O(∩_∩)O

Had lunch today
Went to meet up with friends in the evening.
Then had sauna O(∩_∩)O
I am done with sauna
and right now i'm having a vitamin drink

The feeling of after taking a shower is great!




Good evening everyone!

Today's weather is amazing (^O^)

But I spent my whole day lazing around in bed! (laugh)

I have been at home for the whole day watching tv.

I have been thinking whether I should continue writing the song I started writing earlier...(^O^)

13.10.08 Pi-chan's entry



Good evening everyone!
I slept until noon today!
Had so much sleep (more than enough) today!
Then I had ramen at home.
Live is starting soon!
This time our live is called Party!
Isn't this name really cute?!


14.10.2008 Pi-chan's daily entry


Good evening!
Today we had our rehearsal underground, couldn't go to the service area, so it was hard to send out this SMS message!
So I asked my manager to send this out for me. Oh~~ I really wanna go up there!
Since I couldn't really find my mobile, shall catch up with you all later! Sorry!



15.10.08 Pi-chan's daily entry

Good evening!
I worked with members of NEWS today♪
This morning, I had (salmon)明太子 rice ball and sandwich.
Koyama had grilled rice ball.
We had bento (lunchboxes) together this lunch!

We had our rehearsal yesterday.
I danced and my knees now hurt a bit

Our concert is starting very soon, my knees gotta heal as soon as possible!
Want to do surgery on myself (laugh)
On my own operation ~☺(^^)Y

Let's change the topic
When I was walking on the streets yesterday, someone was humming the mermaid song.
That s too natural! humming!
Makes one feel very peaceful

Oh~ someone's calling me now, gotta go.
I will continue to work hard ! (ganbatte)

( Note that the mermaid song is the theme song from the latest animated movie 《崖の上のポニョ》by 宮崎駿 )



Pi-chan's daily entry 16.10.08

Good evening!
I have been rehearsing in the studio downstairs again!
Have been stuck in that studio everyday (laugh)
Since I couldn't get the signal for the whole day, my mobile phone just couldn't work properly! (laugh)
I'll write properly when I get to an area with better signal


Pi-chan's daily entry 18.10.07

I didn't managed to update my daily entyr yesterday, sorry!
Because of the cold!
Haven't got this feeling of low appetite for a long time now!
Haven't had this feeling for two years!
Now I am fully recovered!
Had a curry rice for breakfast today!
Curry rice is really delicious!
Didn't really eat any vegetables recently!
Before, I forced myself to eat vegetables because they are healthy
One can absorb vegetable from rakubeji!
So let's drink rakubeji!
Eat what you want to eat is always the best for your health!

Pi-chan's daily entry 19.10.08

Good evening!
Have been dancing everyday!
Felt a bit cold today!
I'm very hungry now!
I can feel my stomach
oh~ I can now see tokyo tower now!
( sorry.. i dunno how to translate the next line of what he said.. but i assume what he's saying is that he felt so hungry that he starts seeing stuff that doesn't make sense and in this case.. that should tokyo tower...)
I guess I just have to tease at myself a bit here!

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10 October 2008 @ 08:58 pm
I dun hv time to write anything today (tear)
but Im still sendin out my kindness to everyone (laugh)
hold on there ne!

Good evening~
Today we have the rehearsal for the concert comin up~
we kept dancing~
I couldn't send out my message becos theres no phone connection here
gomen ne
we are gonna have the best con ever so pls look forward to it (he wrote con)

PM 6:56
good evening
its been a long time since i last went to the gym (and then he went today)
I kept sweating (^o^)
and then its preparing the materials for the magazine
i ate pork on rice today
with egg on top, sugoi desu ne!
News with RUSS-K ...sugoi desu ne! (laugh)
Thank you!

山下の日记 9/10/08
PM 8:14
I went for a drive with Jin today!
and we made a song together~
then we ate lunch!
when jin was eating sushi, i was next to him, waiting
when I was eating ramen, jin waited for me too! (laugh)
we have way too much freedom

08 October 2008 @ 09:31 am



Good evening!
its close to sunset now >_<
the nite is long
ive been filming《code blue》all day long, starting from morning
and i got this gift!!
soy sauce from Hokkaido

very tasty
okay i gotta work hard till midnite now!

05 October 2008 @ 10:20 pm
山下の日记 (3/10/2008)
Good evening (^0^)!
back to normal again (laugh)
went on ms sp today!
reli hyper when we were at the backstage, kept laughing!
i guess im gonna be tht hyper again when its the real thing~ (laugh)
listening to HAPPY BIRTHDAY rite now with high tension~
Lets go with this HIGH tension! (^o^)

山下の日记 (4/10/2008)
Good evening!
Did everyone watch our performance yesterday? (on MS)
tht was great (laugh)
Been a long time since I last talked to Fukuyama and im glad i was able to chat with him yesterday!
Hes cho kakoii! ^o^
Reli wanna become someone like him!
Feel a bit lonely ne cos all of us (actors...) from Code Blue are going back to our old places
(old places as in back to normal, like they dun get to meet each other as often and that CB is really over)

Current Music: A Song For You by SS501
03 October 2008 @ 09:39 pm
山下の日记 ((2/10/2008
Good evening!
I sent a mail to my frd yesterday morning
but i didn't receive any reply from him (after 12 hours already)
and i was thinkin "ku~sou" while I sent out another mail to him, asking "Why dun u reply!"
then he said, "You didn't send me anything in the first place!"
"How could this happen! Impossible."- thts wt i thought
Then I was checking my mails and the truth is, I really did not send the message out
The other day was the same, when I went on HeyHeyHey!

and here(below) is wt he wanted to write on 1/10/2008
Good evening!
Today is just the same as any other day!
Its LIVE of Heyheyhey SP~
and Im wasting my time in the resting room!
Its delivery of noodles for today,so its ramen for lunch!
Im full!
This is the message that didn't send through
I just noticed yesterday
and this is wt I wanted to write that day~!
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02 October 2008 @ 01:35 pm
山下の日记 ((2008.09.30)
Good evening!
I went on HEY!x3 live yesterday
and we performed "Happy Birthday"
The single will be released on 1st of Oct
If everyone is gonna buy our single tmr, Im gonna be really happy ne!
"This song, someday in the year, is sang from someone to another to wish them a Happy Birthday, what a pleasant thing to do"
I was thinking about this all along.. whenever I sing this song
If my wish were to come true, im gonna be reli Image
To everyone whos b-day is today: Happy Birthday!
02 October 2008 @ 01:34 pm
山下の日记 ((2008.09.28)
Good evening!
Ive finding things to amuse myself recently
as Kurada sensei (the doc from Code Blue) says "That is what it means"
Whenever ppl ask u what u mean (after u said something unclear), just answer "That is what it means" (laugh)
and that its (laugh)